We're passionate about raising the bar for coffee. Our mission is to provide you with a better tasting experience that connects you with the expertise of true baristas.

We invite you to join our community, experience the rare and rich taste of Indonesian beans, and embrace coffee as art — because that’s exactly how it should be.

Sekawan Tasting Notes

Savoring coffee is an experience, one that we take to heart. We source our beans directly from the lush regions of Indonesia. Indulge in a distinct world of flavours with our 500g coffee bags, priced at just $21 including tax. 

Because life is too short for bad coffee.

Today, I am deeply honored to share this cultural expression with the local community that means so much to me. You can spot our Sekawan coffee cart popping up at farmer’s markets, events, and one day soon, in our very own boutique coffee shop. My hope is that you can bring this coffee into your home and enjoy a rare tasting experience – one brew at a time.

It all started with an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for better coffee, and a heart for serving others… 

My journey into the world of coffee started with none other than a deep love for the iconic coffee giant: Starbucks. After reading a book by its founder, I penned a note right on the page that I would one day visit the original location. Back then, I had never been to the USA! Fate stepped in when I received a scholarship to Arizona in 2014. That winter, my dream turned into reality when I found myself sipping coffee at Pike Place in Seattle. 

Beyond my love for coffee, I’m also a storyteller. You might find me capturing stories behind the lens at my photography business. It was the combination of these passions that sparked the idea for Sekawan Coffee. I envisioned a space where coffee was not a quick morning pick-me-up of syrups and over-roasted beans, but an invitation to slow down and savor the art of coffee. So, I traveled over 9000 miles back home to Indonesia in search of the perfect beans. My mission was to bring back something special, something that couldn't be found here in the valley.

Hi there, I'm Natalia! I grew up in Indonesia and have called Washington home for over 4 years, where I’ve been leaning into my passions and soaking up all that the West Coast has to offer.

Meet the barista

Coffee Art Classes & Workshops

Brewing coffee experiences in the Wenatchee Valley

Community happens over coffee

Ever wondered how to create those intricate patterns on the surface of a latte and want to learn how to create coffee art yourself? Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a curious coffee lover, our classes & workshops are a chance to unlock your creativity and experience your brews in a whole new way!  

Coffee at Farmer's Market

Enjoy our handcrafted beverages at Wenatchee Valley Farmer's Market starting on 11 May 2024! Bring your dog, a good book, and enjoy a free cup when you visit our coffee cart. Coffee bags are always available for purchase, so you can take a piece of our culture home with you.

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It’s time to slow down and sip the coffee.

Join our growing coffee community, where good coffee & good friends come together.

We offer FREE door-to-door delivery when you order 2 bags or more. Or, swing by our place and pick your beans up. While you’re here, we’ll even brew you a cup of your chosen blend and introduce you to some of our favorite espresso crafts. 

Artisan coffee. Rooted in culture. Crafted for connection.

Serving friends & coffee lovers in the Wenatchee Valley.